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10 Years of Team Stork – This mini-doc brings together personal stories of collaboration and connection.

Latest production – 10 Years of Team Stork

To support Stripey Stork’s 10-year impact report and to recognise the importance of local partnerships and volunteers the charity asked me to capture reflections and stories across the many groups that make up what they lovingly call ‘Team Stork’.

Thanks to the dedicated team members at the Harlequin Cinema in Redhill for their help in bringing the film to the big screen for the anniversary event. The web and social media versions and spots will support the future out reach and fundraising work of the charity.

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Video projects

Some of my short form video projects bringing brand stories to life for partners in charity, health, property, technology and engineering.

Production process

Every detail of your production is discussed and planned. Here are some of the points focussed on during the process.

Messaging and format

You’ve got your key messages and you have a ‘go live’ or release date. Involve a video producer and check your budget now!

Discuss with your producer which format works best for your audiences and your messages? Is it a simple talking head piece to camera? Or would a more active approach like a panel discussion or showing your production process or reporting around your challenge events be better?

Storyboard and filming

Format done, I create the storyboard – a visual plan of how things on screen may be positioned or move to move the story forward. Out of the storyboard comes the shot list. Start searching for soundtrack!

Then, once any required local permits have been obtained, we film. To complete the shot list we need to schedule the right people, in the right places at the right times.

Editing and delivery

Once the shots are captured it’s time to edit. We make sure the edit matches the needs expressed and planned in the storyboard. Together we review the tone of voice, the soundtrack and the visual pace and qualities to arrive at signoff.

Edit done, you’ll receive the video files – a master .mov file for your archive and a high-quality .mp4 file for upload. I aim to deliver files two weeks ahead of release so you can test with your video channels, website and social feeds. Then, if tweaks are needed there is time to make it right.

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